Check out the vehicles of Ambulances Jeannot, ambulance, emergency transportation, body transportation in the Hautes-Pyrénées (65).


Vehicles enabling the transportation of people in a laying or semi-seated position, which requires a permanent surveillance or porterage.

Before any vehicles are used by our company, it is controlled by the Samu (for the materials it contains) and by the DDASS which validate the circulation authorisation. Every ambulance of the company is at all time occupied by two staff members, one having at least a Degree of state Paramedics and the other an EMT certification.

According to its category, the ambulance is equipped specific and mandatory materials to:

  • Immobilise a fracture (vacuum mattress, splint, etc.)
  • Emergency reanimation (defibrillator, insufflator, etc.)
  • Oxygen therapy (high concentration mask, oxygen therapy eyeglasses, etc.)
  • First aid
  • Stretcher and porterage
  • Protection and disinfection

Mobile phones enable permanent contact with the Samu centre 15 in order to communicate a diagnosis when necessary for the health conditions of the patients and to receive corresponding directives.

Our company has a fleet of 6 comfortable, new and air-conditioned ambulances..


Sedan type vehicles that can accommodate from one to three people (simultaneous transportation) in seating position and who require mild assistance and administrative help.

As for the ambulances, prior using the vehicles, they are controlled by the Samu and the DDASS. Only one driver is available (professional with a Degree of state paramedics or EMT Certification).

We also provide transportation for people accompanying the patient.

We have a fleet of 8 comfortable, new and air-conditioned Light Sanitary Vehicles.

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