Ambulances Jeannot in Lourdes (65) is at your service for sanitary transport.

Sanitary transportation is a crucial step for every patient, it is now strictly regulated.

Ambulance companies must be recognised by the prefecture and must abide to very precise norms regarding the vehicles they use, staff they employs and must participate in a spell of duty.

This field of activity has evolved a lot in these last years.

Due to their training and equipment, the paramedics are full partners in the chain of treatments and care.

Their field of work varies:

  • Medical emergency response to individual, doctors and SAMU 15 demands
  • Transportation for hospitalisation, diagnosis, treatments and care
  • Repatriation
  • Participate to rescue posts with light sanitary vehicles and ambulances

The Paramedics are also trained to:

  • Give necessary information to insured patients regarding the terms of support and transportation fees
  • Help patients compile their reimbursement files for social organisations, health insurance companies and mutuals

The knowledge of his job scopes, hospital environment, administrative procedures to complete make him an invaluable help.

Ask for your preferred paramedic! The choice is yours to make.

Sanitary transport