Ambulances Jeannot in the Hautes-Pyrénées (65) provides his transportation fees.

For medical insurance organisations to take charge of the fee, the transportation must be prescribed by a doctor.

In particular emergency situations – accidents – faint in public places, the medical institution the patient is brought to must take care of the prescription.

Only transportation that is taken care of by medical insurance organisations are charged.

Services also reimbursed:

  • Transportation related to complete hospitalisation (check in, check out, transfer in public or private medical facilities)
  • Transportation related to partial hospitalisation
  • Transportation related to ambulatory treatment
  • Transportation related to a work accident or professional illness
  • Transportation related to a long term infection or care of more than 6 months
  • Treatments prescribed in the ambulance
  • Transportation for medical controls, expertise, equipment use on demand of health insurance funds

A prior agreement request must be made to the health insurance funds to:

  • Transportation to a place more than 150 km away

Transportation in series, meaning:

Prescribed transportation for the same treatment that are at least equal to 4 during a period of 2 months Transportation to a place more than 50 km away
Les transports effectués vers un lieu distant de plus de 50 km

Considering the current fluctuations in terms of sanitary transportation reimbursement,

Consult your paramedic, he will advise you.

Transportation Fees